Assam Loses Rs 300 Crore Every Month Due To Power Theft, Defaults

The Assam authorities is working to minimise energy theft and improve income


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma at the moment stated the state is shedding income value near Rs 300 crore each month as a consequence of non-payment of electrical energy payments and energy theft. In a gathering with the three government-run energy firms – Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd (APDCL), Assam Power Generation Corporation Ltd (APGCL) and Assam Electricity Grid Corporation (AEGCL) – in Guwahati, Mr Sarma stated the federal government is planning to deliver down the hammer on unlawful energy consumption.

“Some fraudulent consumers adopted dubious methods to save electricity bills causing huge loss of revenue to APDCL. To recover this loss and to pay for power purchase, APDCL is compelled to approach the Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission to increase the rate of energy tariff. The public in general have to bear the brunt of this increased rate in electricity tariff as the resultant load of the loss generated from the defaulting consumers is compensated from the general public,” Mr Sarma stated.

Asking the ability firms to extend vigil towards such defaulters and unlawful shoppers, Mr Sarma requested APDCL to organize a profile of the defaulting shoppers.

He requested the businesses to make an inventory of cement firms and different high-value shoppers, tally their manufacturing or providers with GST returns and electrical energy payments.

“This exercise will help in bringing in semblance between total quantum of electricity consumed and electricity bills thus paid,” Mr Sarma stated within the assembly.

He stated the division has began the method to establish defaulters and people adopting unlawful means to trigger loss to the ability division.

“We are taking help of Gujarat electricity department and trying to take help of the best practices they adopted to reduce loss and increase revenue from power supply,” he stated.

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