‘Extra’ Chromosome Completes Oskaloosa Family

OSKALOOSA, Iowa – World Down Syndrome Day is Sunday. It falls on March 21 as a result of Down syndrome is brought on by having three of the twenty first chromosome.

Turns out that additional chromosome in a single little lady is making up for what her mom is lacking.

Like any 8-year-old, Khia loves watching her pill and consuming sweets. She’s the youngest of Lynette Gordon’s 5 children, children she wasn’t positive she’d be capable of have after being recognized with Turner syndrome as a teen.

“Turner syndrome is a condition where the woman is missing one of the sex chromosomes. And if that is missing in all of the cells, then it’s highly unlikely that she will be able to reproduce,” Dr. Neil Mandsager, maternal-fetal medication doctor at MercyOne, stated, “but if it’s only missing in some of the cells, what we call a Mosaic Turner, then it’s possible that she can have children.

Lynette remembers Dr. Mandsager consulting when she was pregnant with her twin boys, and again when she had advanced maternal age when pregnant with Khia. She said her ultrasounds indicated everything was fine.

“It’s so true when they say a mother’s intuition because, throughout my whole pregnancy, I felt like there was something wrong.”

It was Nov. 16, 2012 when Khia was born. It was additionally then once they seen she was displaying traits of Down syndrome.

“About three hours after she was born, our doctor came in,” Lynette remembers, “and as soon as he walked through that door, I could just tell something was not right.”

As a single mom with 4 children at house, Lynette was overwhelmed and not sure if this was one thing she may tackle by herself.

“I felt guilty. I felt like maybe she would be better off with a two-parent family,” Lynette stated, “but then when she would smile at me, I was like there’s no way. She’s here, she’s mine, she was meant to be here with me.”

Lynette quickly realized Khia accomplished her household in additional methods than one.

“I’m missing a chromosome and she has the extra.”

As we strategy a day that brings consciousness to a dysfunction that impacts so many households, Lynette has a message.

“I don’t even take into consideration Down syndrome after I take a look at her. I don’t deal with her any totally different. I would like individuals to see her potential and never her incapacity, and to see how extra alike she is than totally different as a result of she undoubtedly is.

Khia is completely satisfied and wholesome, with no main well being issues associated to her analysis. She’s going to highschool the place she’s studying find out how to learn, and preserving her mother and siblings on their toes at house.

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