Hollywood’s Wall Street TV, movies to watch

The leisure business has a love-hate relationship with Wall Street. Hollywood is aware of viewers love tales about individuals who have, spend and waste piles of cash, however usually hate (or envy) the bankers, merchants and and mergers-and-acquisitions sorts who management the capitalist machine.

Love watch, hate watch: It’s all good, so long as they watch.

Showtime has pairing “Billions” “Black Monday” , giving the pay-cable network its own Richie Rich block that continues Hollywood’s long tradition of lionizing and demonizing the gated genre of high finance.

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Let’s invest some time in the diversified portfolio of projects that have  yielded strong financial returns:

Wall Street trader Maurice Monroe (Don Cheadle), right, exits his Lambo limo in Showtime's 'Black Monday.'

If you love an uninvited outsider who ruins the rich kids’ party (and maybe the entire economy): “Black Monday”

Maurice “Mo the Marauder” Monroe (Don Cheadle) is the latest Wall Street hero/villain, a Lamborghini-limo-riding, coke-snorting epitome of excess whose sad behavior may serve as a catalyst for the 1987 stock market crash, although it’s balanced (somewhat) by his shakeup of an exclusive white boys club.

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