House impeachment managers are ‘tanking’ Trump’s trial like the Eagles

The second trial of former President Donald Trump is shaping as much as be a curious train designed extra to enrage than convict. While authorized eagles will likely be analyzing each transfer, what residents really want is an Philadelphia Eagles fan to grasp what’s unfolding. In the NFL, it’s referred to as “tanking.” This year, there was a raging debate whether Eagles coach Doug Pederson was actually trying to win or just losing convincingly to secure a better draft pick. The House trial strategy has every indication of a tanked trial, but few are noting the glaring lack of a credible offense.

When it comes to football, tanking allegations arise when the inexplicable speeds along the inevitable. That point was reached this season when Pederson decided not to tie the game against Washington in the third quarter with a field goal and instead put Nate Sudfeld in the game over Jalen Hurts. The House may have reached that point when the managers seemed to be trying harder to make a better case for losing than winning. That was driven home by the selection of such managers as Rep. Eric Swalwell in the wake of his scandal with Chinese spy. Sending in Swalwell, who has also been accused of reckless political rhetoric, made the Sudfeld substitution look like sheer genius.

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