In Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj Man Marries Wooden Effigy As His 90-Year-Old-Father’s Last Wish

UP Man Marries Wooden Effigy As His 90-Year-Old-Father's Last Wish

Man in Prayagraj marries a wood effigy, all rituals had been carried out

Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh:

A person was married to a wood effigy with elaborate rituals in a weird wedding ceremony that happened in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday.

His 90-year-old father’s motive for “arranging” such a match for his son was equally inexplicable.

“I have nine sons, eight of them are married. The youngest one has no property and is not intelligent enough, so I got him married to an effigy,” Shiv Mohan informed information company ANI. Reports say in keeping with kin, this was the outdated man’s final want.

The wood “bride” was decked in a red silk and flowers and every ritual, including the ‘jai mala‘ or exchange of garlands and ‘pheras‘ or seven rounds of the fire, were performed. A priest was also present to solemnize the marriage.

Reports say Shiv Mohan was insistent that all his sons must be married before he dies. Relatives and local priests apparently convinced him that in the absence of a bride, an effigy will do, and it not uncommon thing.

A handful of relatives were also present and small feast was organized.

There are rituals in many parts of the country of symbolic weddings to a tree.

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