Khloé Kardashian claims Kris Jenner showed her STI photos to prevent teen sex

Khloé Kardashian is a doting mom to 2-year-old daughter True however she as soon as feared being pregnant, thanks to a graphic teen sex discuss from mother Kris Jenner.

“I was so afraid of getting pregnant,” Khloé mentioned of her teenage self throughout a Wednesday episode of Lady Parts, an Ellentube discuss present hosted by actress Sarah Hyland and OB/GYN Dr. Sherry Ross, the place she was joined by sister Kourtney Kardashian. “My parents scared the s*** out of me and would show me like, ‘This is herpes’ and would show me photos. I remember my mom made me look at — oh my god, I had to look at all these visuals, and if I had sex, this is what was going to happen to me and so I was so afraid.”

Khloe Kardashian (R) mentioned her mom Kris Jenner (L) gave her an uncommon sex discuss in her teenagers. (Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

Although Khloé, 36 and Kourtney, 41, have been discouraged from having premarital sex, Khloé mentioned she approached Kris about utilizing the contraception tablet, information that was dulled by the expertise of her older siblings.

“She took me to the doctor, we got birth control pills and I remember feeling a lot safer,” mentioned Khloé. “Because I didn’t want to be a teen mom, I didn’t want to get pregnant before I was ready to really get pregnant and understand those responsibilities fully.”

Kourtney added, “Khloé and I have different memories. We’re only five years apart, but we were always told you don’t have sex until you’re married. It wasn’t even, like, an option.”

The sisters additionally mentioned the undertones of sex training have been much less self-pleasure and extra a “natural progression that you do in life,” mentioned Khloé. “When you’re younger, it’s so much about focusing on somebody else, are you doing something good enough for somebody else? It’s more so pleasing your partner, which is also OK, but I definitely think it was less about, the focus on pleasing me.”

While Jenner has not responded to Khloé’s claims, she has admitted that her daughter had an unintended intro to sex training. Last yr, in a promo for Momsplaining with Kristen Bell, Jenner mentioned, “Khloé and her girlfriend were playing hide and go seek, so they hid under my bed,” Jenner confessed, laughing the entire time. “But it happened to be late at night, as I was going to bed. And so they learned about the birds and the bees from being underneath my bed when it was being used. Let’s just put it that way.” Oops.

Khloé, who shares True with Boston Celtics participant Tristan Thompson, has explored her fertility choices. As defined on Lady Parts, she underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF) three completely different occasions, the method of eradicating eggs from a girl’s physique and mixing them with sperm, then implanting the fertilized eggs into the uterus. She additionally froze about 12-14 eggs however none survived.

After one other spherical of IVF, Khloé mentioned, “We realized that my eggs aren’t strong enough to be frozen. They should be mixed immediately with sperm to make embryos. So I actually have made embryos.” She added that the COVID-19 pandemic has made household planning extra sophisticated. According to The Guttmacher Institute, a analysis and coverage group, greater than 40 p.c of ladies modified plans for the variety of kids, or to have kids in any respect, due to the pandemic.

“They say, ‘If you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans,” she mentioned.

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