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The pilot use of ICC AOKpass marks the primary ever digital authentication of well being data that’s verified formally at Singapore immigration. Affinidi/International SOS

A Singaporean citizen returning to the nation from Japan on December 21 turned the primary individual on this planet to use a digital Covid-19 well being certificates whereas crossing the border, the businesses behind the move mentioned in a press release. 

According to International SOS, the International Chamber of Commerce, and AOKpass, an unidentified passenger on Singapore Airlines flight SQ637 was ready to use the ICC AOKpass to formally current a destructive Covid-19 polymerase chain response (PCR) take a look at upon arrival at Changi Airport’s immigration counters. 

“This was the first time an immigration authority has used a blockchain based, digitally verifiable health certificate,” the assertion mentioned, including the certificates had been issued by Shinagawa East Medical Centre in Japan. 

“Following the successful pilot program, all travelers, starting with Malaysia and Indonesia will now be able to use ICC AOKpass to digitally authenticate their COVID-19 test results, as well as any other necessary health credentials during immigration at Changi Airport,” the assertion mentioned, including that digital certificates had been a significant leap ahead in contrast to the paper passes which were used beforehand. 

In the assertion, Chester Drum, cofounder of AOKpass, mentioned “as we look towards the revival of widespread international travel and trade, there is an urgent need for a common framework in certifying, authenticating and securing the results of a Covid-19 test for air transport stakeholders and local health authorities.”

“In addition, users must trust that their data privacy is managed well, with no risk of personal data leaks,” Drum added. “The use of blockchain technology is a critical step in combating the challenges of forged tests and medical records, while enabling quick and secure verification of Covid-19 test results for travelers to have peace of mind throughout their journey.”

Many nations require passengers to demonstrate proof of a negative Covid test before traveling, and as vaccines are rolled out worldwide, immigration authorities could start to ask for certification that folks have been vaccinated in opposition to the an infection.

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