Nail-biting video from cockpit of Navy fighter jet is making social media nauseous

A topsy-turvy cockpit video recorded aboard a U.S. Navy fighter jet is making rather a lot of folks queasy on social media.

The video, shared Saturday on Facebook, reveals the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels training over central Wisconsin’s La Crosse Regional Airport.

It was recorded from the angle of Lt. Cmdr. Jim Cox, and reveals the staff lifting off in a cramped formation that places the Boeing F/A-18 Hornets inside about 18 inches of each other at points.

Things solely get extra daring from there. First, the roaring jets pull right into a steep incline at speeds someplace between 120 mph and 700 mph. Then, viewers watch because the earth goes from being beneath Cox to above him because the squadron flies the other way up.

The 2-minute video, filmed Friday on the Deke Slayton Airfest, has been considered 451,000 instances and racked up 24,000 reactions.

Nearly 900 folks have commented, too, many of them admitting the “daredevils” made them nauseous. Some mentioned they couldn’t watch without holding their breath.

“Amazing …. But my stomach couldn’t take much of that…,” Frances Fuller wrote.

“I so would pee and poo myself as well as puke all over the cockpit,” Monika Scott posted.

“Nerves of steel,” John Ogier said.

The Blue Angels is a Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron recognized to carry out usually harmful aerial maneuvers in jets valued at $21 million every. Their vertical rolls are executed at heights of 15,000 ft and “sneak” passes fall as little as 50 ft off the bottom, in keeping with

The Blue Angels is often the primary attraction at air reveals throughout the nation, together with the Thunderbirds of the United States Air Force.

“Man what I wouldn’t give to be a passenger just once!” Doug Wofford wrote on the staff’s Facebook web page.

“The first things you give are your stomach contents,” Rudi Dullien responded.

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