NATO chief sees Biden’s inauguration as a ‘new chapter’ for the alliance

U.S. President Joe Biden is a “strong supporter” of NATO, and the alliance may be additional strengthened with him in workplace, NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg mentioned this week.

“President Biden and the inauguration of him as the new president represents a new chapter for our alliance because Joe Biden is such a strong supporter of NATO. He knows NATO very well,” the NATO chief instructed CNBC’s Hadley Gamble on Thursday.

This can be a chance to additional strengthen NATO, he added, noting that Biden desires to rebuild alliances.

U.S. dedication to NATO reached a low level below former President Donald Trump. He repeatedly attacked allies for paying less than their fair share toward the group.

Stoltenberg mentioned he appears ahead to working with the new administration to handle points round the world.

“We are faced with so many challenges at the same time: the rise of China, the … shift in the global balance of power, a more assertive Russia using force against neighbors in Ukraine and elsewhere, and then, of course, the constant threat of terrorist attacks,” he mentioned.

“None of us can tackle this alone, we have to stand together,” he mentioned. “I don’t believe in America alone, I don’t believe in Europe alone, I believe in Europe and North America together in NATO.”

U.S. troops and NATO presence in Afghanistan, Iraq

What issues for me is that we make selections collectively, that we’re coordinating every little thing we do in Afghanistan.

NATO additionally has personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Stoltenberg mentioned NATO is in shut session with the new U.S. administration. “We will face a difficult dilemma,” he mentioned.

Leaving would danger shedding the positive aspects made in Afghanistan in combating worldwide terrorism and making social progress, however staying means continued involvement in a “difficult military conflict.”

“What matters for me is that we make decisions together, that we are coordinating everything we do in Afghanistan,” he mentioned.

NATO plans to increase its presence in Iraq, Stoltenberg added.

“I strongly believe that the best way we can help to prevent ISIS terrorists from returning is by training the Iraqi forces, help them to fight the terrorists themselves,” he mentioned.

— CNBC’s Matt Clinch contributed to this report.

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