People Are Grossed Out By This Potato Chips Recipe That’s Going Viral


TikTok movies have given the world its share of helpful food-and-drink ideas, from how one can order the newest Starbucks secret menu drink to utilizing your toaster to prep tortillas for tacos.

Now, a TikTok consumer has posted a video on a kitchen shortcut that is elevating some eyebrows: making mashed potatoes out of potato chips.

TikTokker Eli, generally known as @elis_kitchen on the social media platform, is understood for posting meals hacks. But Eli’s Signature Cheesey Mashed Potatoes recipe is a bit uncommon, to say the least.

The house chef begins out with a pot of boiling water, then provides some salt and vinegar. Next, he dumps a number of snack-size luggage of Lay’s potato chips into the pot and stirs till they change into comfortable and translucent.

Once the chips are “cooked” by means of, Eli drains them in a colander and returns them to the pot—however not earlier than throwing again a shot of the strained potato water. Um, OK.

From there, the ending touches embody including some shredded cheese and smoked paprika.

“Delicious!” he declares after sampling his dish.

Commenters don’t appear to be satisfied.

“Please go buy actual potatoes,” posted Miranda Smith. “They’re not even that expensive.” Others famous that immediate potatoes exist, so there is no motive to make use of chips.

TikTok consumer Alexis appeared involved in regards to the lack of dietary worth of the dish, writing, “This is why doctors get paid as much as they do.”

Another commenter, Morgan Fortay, despatched out the decision for a meals professional to return in and save the day.

“I am unable to look ahead to Gordon Ramsay to search out this,” Fortay posted.

But, you could be shocked to search out out that world-famous cooks have used the same methodology to create a potato purée. “Top Chef” decide and chef Chris Santos shared the key with Insider.

potato chips

potato chips

“While we were competing against each other, the brilliant chef Alex Guarnaschelli taught me that you can make a deep, satisfying, delicious, silky potato purée by rehydrating potato crisps in cream and then blending,” he stated.

Maybe Eli’s viral creation is not so loopy in spite of everything.

Would you attempt potato chip mashed potatoes?

Written by Marie Rossiter for Simplemost.


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