Police stumble upon dog fighting ring in Flint

Chained canine out in the chilly and inside a dank basement crammed with harnesses, injectable meds and caged pit bulls. Police initially got here to this dwelling on Saginaw Street in Flint on a drug bust.

Police discovered cocaine and a gun. Soon they realized they uncovered a dog fighting ring.

“it just breaks my heart. I’m 100 percent a dog lover and don’t want to see this stuff going on,” Lt. Liz Rich from the Michigan State Police mentioned.

Arrests had been made with drug and animal abuse expenses pending. 15 pit bulls had been rescued and brought to Genesee County Animal Control.

“It’s heartbreaking. They didn’t ask for this, they were born into this lifestyle. They were chosen for this lifestyle and there’s no way out,” Becki from Flint City Pits mentioned.

Becki and TJ volunteer with Genesee Animal Control and so they additionally run Flint City Pits, a foster-based rescue. During their time as animal advocates, they’ve seen the horrors of those fighting rings firsthand.

“They come into the shelter and they’re scarred. They’re scared and a lot aren’t super friendly with dogs. We’ve had some come in missing parts of their face, it’s just gone. And this is how these dog’s live day and day out….”

What makes issues tougher is these dog fighting rings are extremely secretive.

“These dogs are moved often, kept in secure locations. It’s not an easy thing to catch unless somebody says something it’s almost impossible. Unless they stumble upon it, people aren’t willingly giving up this information…”

Stumbling upon dog fighting ring is what the police did. They know extra are on the market and are calling on the general public to assist maintain an eye fixed out.

If anybody is in a place the place they should report or suspect dog fighting, please name Genesee County Animal Control at 810-732-1660 or the Gen County Sheriff Department at 810-257-3442

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