The Brave Browser now offers summaries powered by AI in its Search Engine

Brave, a privacy-focused browser, has recently introduced an AI-driven summarization feature that enables users to easily find brief and succinct answers to their search queries. The company stated in a recent blog post that it has trained its models to gather data from various web-based sources and provides users with links to the original information for further verification.

The Brave Summarizer is accessible to all Brave Search users, and the company is currently working on expanding the service. The AI models used in the summarization process locate and extract the answers to search queries and present them in the form of search result snippets. Some of the highlighted answers are also provided for the users’ convenience.

For instance, typing in a query such as “what happened in Turkey” yields a summary highlighting that the country has recently been struck by multiple earthquakes, along with information regarding some of these quakes. The summary, credited to The New York Times, falls short of capturing the full scale of the destruction and loss of life that occurred.

Sample search query on Brave with the summariser feature
Source: Brave

Brave emphasizes that their Summarizer does not rely on third-party sources and is not restricted in usage due to scalability concerns. Instead, the company utilizes owned and operated models that are optimized to be as efficient as possible during inference time. However, Brave does warn that its early-stage model is still susceptible to hallucinations, which can result in unexpected, inaccurate, or offensive outcomes for the user.

Although summaries are currently generated for only about 17% of queries, Brave’s systems are still more open to users compared to those of major search engines such as Bing or Google. Brave’s unique approach to AI-powered summarization offers users a convenient and privacy-focused solution to finding concise answers to their search queries.

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