The head of the ‘world’s biggest family’ has died at age 76

Ziona, who went solely by his first title, died on Sunday at the age of 76.

He had 38 wives and 89 youngsters, based on a tweet from Zoramthanga, the chief minister of Mizoram, the northeastern Indian state the place Ziona lived.

The patriarch belonged to a Christian tribal sect that promotes polygamy as God’s will.

His father, Chana, based the sect in Mizoram’s Baktwang village, the place Ziona’s huge household lives throughout a single property.

Polygamy is unlawful in India underneath the nation’s penal code. There is an exception underneath the code for Muslims, although this isn’t extensively used.

It is unclear if Ziona, who wed his first spouse at the age of 17, was legally married to all the ladies he described as his wives. Indian authorities typically don’t prosecute tribal communities for polygamy.

Lalrintluanga Jahau, a politician and director of the hospital the place Ziona died, stated he was dropped at the hospital’s emergency division.

“Our Emergency (Department) Team tried in vain to resuscitate him. He to be declared dead after 45 mins of CPR,” Jahau wrote on Twitter.

Zoramthanga stated the family’s presence had turned Baktwang village right into a “major tourist attraction in the state.”

He added on Twitter: “Rest in Peace Sir!”

“I believe God has chosen us to be like this (to have big families),” Ziona instructed CNN in 2011.

“Those who are born into this family don’t want to leave this tradition so we just keep growing and growing.”

He added: “I never wanted to get married but that’s the path God has chosen for me. It’s not my wish to keep marrying again and again.”


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