Truck driver recalls the moment winds flipped his big rig over during severe storms

ATLANTA (CBS46) – A twister has not been confirmed in South Fulton however one truck driver who was flipped the wrong way up stated he witnessed its influence Monday.  Powers crews remained lined alongside Fulton Industrial Boulevard the place the storm hit the hardest in South Fulton.  From warehouses to automobiles, Fulton County leaders advised CBS46, the National Weather Service can be surveying all of it Tuesday morning.  

“A bunch of rain came and then the trees right in the back of us started going real bad. The gate snapped next,” Jumarel Richie stated. “Next thing I know, I saw the ground with a bunch of wind going–that’s when my truck just completely capsized and turned over and slammed into the other truck.” 

Richie arrived early from Arizona for his Georgia supply, so he says he stayed inside his truck at Westgate Parkway round 11 a.m. ready for staff ultimately start loading it.  At some level earlier than 11:30 a.m., he believes he noticed a twister strike his semi.  The driver says ‘miraculously’ he has no accidents.  

“I’m still going to go to the hospital and make sure, but I was able to climb out of the truck and been walking ever since.” 

Aside from worry for himself, he instantly started worrying for the others round the space. 

“I was like ‘oh no the security lady–I thought she was gone.” Adding, “I’m glad the other driver was inside.” 

A driver for an Alabama trucking firm, R.E. Garrison, shot video of the harm.  The trucking firm tweeted that each one of its drivers and tools have been secure. Fortunately, it is a comparable story throughout Fulton County. 

Two warehouses have been pummeled by heavy rains and winds, however officers verify there have been no critical accidents at the Bonded Service Warehouse and Best Warehousing and Transportation websites.  

Fulton County Chairman Robert Pitts surveyed harm all through the afternoon. Pitts advised CBS46, the county is anticipating an official evaluation quickly.  

He continued, “there’s a possibility we need to be prepared in case more is coming so we want to take care of what’s happened here today but also be prepared for what may come tomorrow.”  

Crews will restore energy for dozens all through the evening, clearing roads then it is again to work once more come morning.  

It’s additionally again to work for Jumarel Richie who’s his blessings after leaving his truck unscathed.  And after driving for greater than a decade, he is leaving his truck with a brand new lesson, too.  

“Wait inside [the building] while you’re getting loaded instead of waiting in the truck,” he defined. “I’ve done it a million times, I’ve been driving for about 15 years and never thought it was going to be a problem.”  

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