Tweet Buster: How to find the best mutual fund or PMS scheme?


NEW DELHI: At a time when benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty are hitting new document highs, many traders are confused whether or not it is smart to journey the momentum, purchase and dip of their favorite shares or simply await a correction. Last week, Sensex hit a lifetime excessive of 52,641.53 factors. Market veteran Raamdeo Agrawal has already mentioned that the 30-share index could attain the 2-lakh mark in 10 years.

In this version of Tweet Buster, we scan by the social media platform to dig out investing gems, market outlook, and market navigation methods.

Pain-to-gain ratio

Dalal Street veteran Shankar Sharma says traders mustn’t concentrate on the returns column whereas judging the efficiency of a PMS or mutual fund scheme. He says that the pain-to-gain ratio reveals how a lot ache a fund supervisor gave you whereas delivering his good points.

Covid affect

Independent market knowledgeable Sandip Sabharwal mentioned the present market idea is that prime gas costs, inflation, job losses, and the well being affect of Covid 2.0 won’t affect client demand. “My view is that it will impact consumer demand significantly. We will know in the next 6 months,” he mentioned.

Warning Sign

For these bullish on shares of two-wheeler firms, Sabharwal has a warning.

Bhav Bhagwan Che!

Sabharwal says many high-quality shares like Bata, Titan and commerce at over 100X PE of the present yr and 70X subsequent yr. “The valuations-don’t-matter story, if the company is good, is being carried too far,” he warned.

Crypto Watch

Sabharwal additionally mentioned that it will likely be naive to assume that the collapse in cryptocurrencies won’t have a domino affect on different asset lessons given the big leverage and retail presence in cryptocurrencies.

3X in 5 years

PMS fund supervisor Shyam Sekhar mentioned even in high quality inventory, you want to search for a 3X in 5 years. “If you are doing a 2X in 7 years, you aren’t doing too great. Most people who harp too much are in the second set. Sadly, they are the noisiest creatures on Twitter/SM. Most people easily fall for high decibels.”

Gems from Ian Cassel

Microcap hunter Ian Cassel places it aptly: “The smaller the better. The more illiquid the better. The least institutionally owned the better. The more misunderstood the better. The less talked about the better. You make money by driving through the fears of other investors.”


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