Vaccine guilt is a very real, cancer survivor who got Pfizer shares

No one warns you about vaccine guilt.

I got my first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Feb. 18. The course of was environment friendly. I stood in a socially-distanced line, stuffed out types, got checked in, stood in a socially-distanced line once more. I used to be one in all practically 600 to 800 folks being vaccinated on the web site that day.

I sat in a foldable metallic chair as my nurse, Gina, chatted with me about how excited I used to be for the shot and the way it was necessary to nonetheless put on my masks in public.

Nurse Gina took selfies with me as she poked my arm with the syringe holding a vaccine that may quickly erase all of the anxieties and troubles I’ve had within the final 12 months. She put a band-aid on my arm.

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