Vice President Venkaiah Naidu Says, COVID-19 Pandemic Should Also Be Seen As A Corrector

COVID-19 Pandemic Should Also Be Seen As A 'Corrector': Venkaiah Naidu

The planet doesn’t want us whereas we’d like the planet, Venkaiah Naidu mentioned. (File)

New Delhi:

The COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t be seen solely as a catastrophe but additionally as a “corrector” that prepares the society for the subsequent problem by requiring us to “repurpose our lives”, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu mentioned on Sunday.

In the Facebook publish “Musings of Life in Corona Times”, Mr Naidu requested individuals to introspect and assess if they’ve learnt the suitable classes and geared up themselves to take care of such uncertainties throughout their confinement up to now few months.

“Constant evaluation of the course of life in all its manifestations and in the totality of context is an essential pre-requisite for a higher living. One such opportunity is now as we live with coronavirus,” he mentioned.

Claiming sole propriety over the planet as whether it is meant just for people has upset the pure stability, triggering adversities of a unique sort, he mentioned.

“The planet does not need us while we need the planet,” he mentioned.

“We are born equal and end up being unequal as time flows. The pandemic has exposed the heightened vulnerabilities of some sections which is not of their making. Your way of living could be one of the reasons for enhanced vulnerabilities of others,” he identified.

However, the vp mentioned, the pandemic must be checked out not solely as an unmitigated catastrophe but additionally as a “corrector that prepares us for the next challenge and even to prevent the next such one by requiring us to repurpose our lives”.

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